Jameson Media Group, Inc.

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Jameson Media Group, Inc. is a full service and comprehensive creative agency, production company, and content creator for traditional broadcast media and new media. Jameson is based in Hollywood, CA with a satellite office in Reno, NV.

From creating and producing national television commercials for major brands…to overseeing overall product and brand launches…to creating and producing original television and Web programming, Jameson is committed to helping its clients find innovative ways to reach and engage consumers in all facets of our quickly-evolving and interactive media. Jameson creates branding that helps its clients “make a mark” and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Jameson believes that those companies that embrace the need to connect with consumers more directly and interactively in today’s consumer-driven media outlets will be far better positioned for success today and in the future. Jameson is committed to maximizing efficiencies in leveraging all media touch points for its clients: television, online, in-store, radio, print, and mobile.

Today’s varied media puts consumers far more in control of their personal entertainment experiences. Jameson understands that it can be most effective for its clients by finding creative ways to incorporate branding and advertising into these new media forms in context–in ways that make sense–instead of depending on the old models of traditional, one-directional advertising.